The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World from Marathon to Waterloo

Author: Edward Creasy
Published: 1852
Language: English
Wordcount: 169,334 / 500 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 44.3
LoC Category: U
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Genres: War, Essays

riter, therefore, of the present day to choose battles for his favourite topic, merely because they were battles, merely because so many myriads of troops were arrayed in them, and so many hundreds or thousands of human beings stabbed, hewed, or shot each other to death during them, would argue strange weakness or depravity of mind. Yet it cannot be denied that a fearful and wonderful interest is attached to these scenes of carnage. There is undeniable greatness in the disciplined courage, and in the love of honour, which make the combatants confront agony and destruction. And the powers of the human intellect are rarely more strongly displayed than they are in the Commander, who regulates, arrays, and wields at his will these masses of armed disputants; who, cool yet daring, in the midst of peril reflects on all, and provides for all, ever ready with fresh resources and designs, as the vicissitudes of the storm of slaughter require. But these qualities, however high they may appear, are to be found in the


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Great book! It explains the background to each battle well and explains the consequences too. You're left in no doubt that these battles really did change the course of history and it's that aspect the book dwells on rather than a blow by blow account of how the battles went. If you like history I'd highly recommend this book.

R Stephan

A must for anyone in military history, but also recommended for anyone interested in the political events that have shaped Western civilization up to the 19th century. I would have included the battle of Leipzig, as the first succesful counteraction against Napi's tried strategy. Well written and thoroughly researched.

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