Fountains in the Sand

Rambles Among the Oases of Tunisia

Author: Norman Douglas
Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 47,629 / 147 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 65.2
LoC Category: G
Downloads: 734 2270
Genre: Travel

Tunis is described, and the author's adventures in and out of the oases.

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called laurel-leaves, as thin as card-board; knife-blades; instruments for scraping beast-hides--all of flint. What interests me most, are certain round throwing-stones; a few are flat on both sides, but others, evidently the more popular shape, are flat below and rise to a cone above. Of these latter, I have a series of various sizes; the largest are for men's hands, but there are smaller ones, not more than eleven centimetres round, for the use of children: one thinks of the fierce little hands that wielded them, these many thousand years ago. Even now the natives will throw by preference with a stone of this disk-like shape--the cone pointing downwards. But, judging by the size of their implements, the hands of this prehistoric race can hardly have been as large as those of their modern descendants.

Then, as now, Gafsa must have been an important site; the number of these weapons is astonishing. Vast populations have drifted down the stream of time at this spot, leaving no name or mark behind them, save

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