Relativity - The Special and General Theory

Author: Albert Einstein
Published: 1916
Language: English
Wordcount: 34,281 / 120 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 52.7
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Revised edition: 1924 (note: images are not included in this eBook.)

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that differences of opinion are scarcely likely to arise as to its applicability in practice.

*** A refinement and modification of these views does not become necessary until we come to deal with the general theory of relativity, treated in the second part of this book.


The purpose of mechanics is to describe how bodies change their position in space with "time." I should load my conscience with grave sins against the sacred spirit of lucidity were I to formulate the aims of mechanics in this way, without serious reflection and detailed explanations. Let us proceed to disclose these sins.

It is not clear what is to be understood here by "position" and "space." I stand at the window of a railway carriage which is travelling uniformly, and drop a stone on the embankment, without throwing it. Then, disregarding the influence of the air resistance, I see the stone descend in a straight line. A pedestrian who observes the misdeed from the footpath notices th


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This is a very interesting book for people that wants to know more about Einstein and the theory of relativity. Beware though, the version without images are very difficult to understand since equations are considered images.

Keith Ayton

Should be read by anyone wanting a deeper understanding of the way of the universe.
Favourite einstien quote " Science is the art of chipping away at the facts untill they fit your theory"
would have been a great convesasionalist.

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