An Account of Some Disturbances in Aungier Street

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Genres: Short Story, Occult

thing, in short, to give my unpleasant sensations a definite direction. There is, I think, something most disagreeably disenchanting in the sound of one's own voice under such circumstances, exerted in solitude, and in vain. It redoubled my sense of isolation, and my misgivings increased on perceiving that the door, which I certainly thought I had left open, was closed behind me; in a vague alarm, lest my retreat should be cut off, I got again into my room as quickly as I could, where I remained in a state of imaginary blockade, and very uncomfortable indeed, till morning.

Next night brought no return of my barefooted fellow-lodger; but the night following, being in my bed, and in the dark--somewhere, I suppose, about the same hour as before, I distinctly heard the old fellow again descending from the garrets.

This time I had had my punch, and the morale of the garrison was consequently excellent. I jumped out of bed, clutched the poker as I passed the expiring fire, and in a moment was


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Average Rating of 3.7 from 3 reviews: ****
Greg B.

I love ghost stories but found this one about average. I will try some more from the author.
Greg B.


A great story. It actually gave me the creeps while I was reading it.

C. Alan Loewen

An Account of Some Disturbances in Aungier Street is a classic ghost story told in a way that sweeps you into the mystery and brings to mind Shakespeare's quote, "The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones."

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