The Chemical History of a Candle

A Course of Lectures Delivered Before a Juvenile Audience at the Royal Institution

Author: Michael Faraday
Published: 1908
Language: English
Wordcount: 42,520 / 120 pg
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out it. It is not the best looking thing, but the best acting thing, which is the most advantageous to us. This good-looking candle is a bad burning one. There will be a guttering round about it because of the irregularity of the stream of air and the badness of the cup which is formed thereby. You may see some pretty examples (and I trust you will notice these instances) of the action of the ascending current when you have A little gutter run down the side of a candle, making it thicker there than it is elsewhere. As the candle goes on burning, that keeps its place and forms a little pillar sticking up by the side, because, as it rises higher above the rest of the wax or fuel, the air gets better round it, and it is more cooled and better able to resist the action of the heat at a little distance. Now, the greatest mistakes and faults with regard to candles, as in many other things, often bring with them instruction which we should not receive if they had not occurred. We come here to be philosophers; and I


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sara knutson

this book is very educational and helpful when you need some thing for a project im glad i did this one and read this book.

Aman Gupta

This book is really nice.I really like It. It is Really really influeancing..........

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