Practical Rules for the Management of a Locomotive Engine:

In the Station, on the Road, and in cases of Accident

Published: 1841
Language: English
Wordcount: 7,139 / 28 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 43.7
LoC Category: TF
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Genre: Instructional

tion of fuel causes a temporary reduction of the force of the fire, coke should not be laid on immediately before arriving at an inclined plane or any part of the road where much power is required; but when ascending an incline, coke should be gradually added when the Engine begins to beat heavily,--the draught is then powerful, and a regular supply of fuel required to keep up the fire.

In other circumstances, provided the fire is low enough to require fuel, the best time to put on coke is when the water is sufficiently high to turn off the feed-pumps, the steam slightly blowing off, and the Engine travelling at a good speed.

No definite instructions can be given for the frequency with which coke must be laid on the fire, as it varies according to the duty to be done, and the water consequently to be evaporated: in cases of heavy duty and bad gradients, it may at times be necessary even at as short an interval as 2 miles; under contrary circumstances an Engine may sometimes run as much

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