The Religions of Japan

From the Dawn of History to the Era of Méiji

Published: 1895
Language: English
Wordcount: 123,475 / 379 pg
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Genres: Religion, History
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those of Confucius.--The Golden and the Gilded rule.--Lao Tsze and Kung.--Old Japan and the alien.--Commodore Perry and Professor Hayashi.



Harmony of the systems of Confucius and Buddha in Japan during a thousand years.--Revival of learning in the seventeenth century.--Exodus of the Chinese scholars on the fall of the Ming dynasty.--Their dispersion and work in Japan.--Founding of schools of the new Chinese learning.--For two and a half centuries the Japanese mind has been moulded by the new Confucianism.--Survey of its rise and developments.--Four stages in the intellectual history of China.--The populist movement in the eleventh century.--The literary controversy.--The philosophy of the Cheng brothers and of Chu Hi, called in Japan Tei-Shu system.--In Buddhism the Japanese were startling innovators, in philosophy they were docile pupils.--Paucity of Confucian or speculative literature in Japan.--A Chines

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