Ancient Rome

The Lives of Great Men

Published: 1922
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sword to the utmost of my power, and that I will not allow them or any other to rule in Rome.' After this, he handed the knife to Collatinus, next to Lucretius and Valerius, all amazed at Brutus and perplexed to account for his new spirit of authority. They took the oath as he directed and, changing wholly from grief to anger, they obeyed his summons to follow him and make an immediate end of the royal power.

The body of Lucretia was brought from her house and carried to the Forum, the people thronging round, as was natural, in wonder at this strange and cruel sight, and loud in condemning the crime of Tarquinius. They were deeply moved by the father's sorrow, and still more by the words of Brutus, who rebuked their tears and idle laments, urging them to act like men and Romans by taking up arms against the common enemy.

Livy, i. 58. 9-59. 4.

[Illustration: ETRUSCAN SOLDIER from a Brit. Mus. bronze]

Mucius and Cloelia

The same spirit was shown by Caius Mucius and the maiden


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