Applied Psychology: Making Your Own World

Being the Second of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency

Author: Warren Hilton
Published: 1914
Language: English
Wordcount: 7,610 / 32 pg
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Genres: Psychology, Business
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tion Process]

The other aspect of the Sense-Perceptive Process has to do with the mental interpretation of environment.

Both these aspects are distinctly practical.

You should know something of the weaknesses and deficiencies of the sense-perceptive organs, because all your efforts at influencing other men are directed at their organs of sense.

You should understand the relationship between your mind and your environment, since they are the two principal factors in your working life.



[Sidenote: Unreliability of Sense-Organs]

Figure 1 shows two lines of equal length, yet the vertical line will to most persons seem longer than the horizontal one.

[Illustration: FIG. 1.]

In Figure 2 the lines A and B are of the same length, yet the lower seems much longer.

[Illustration: FIG. 2.]

Those things lo


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phoenix ma

it is an old but useful book, for all the inspirational information is eternal, you can give it to your children for him to read when he is eighteen.

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