The Ghosts

And Other Lectures

Published: 1878
Language: English
Wordcount: 47,998 / 139 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.2
LoC Categories: BL, AC
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Genres: Essays, Religion

The ghosts -- The liberty of man, woman and child -- The Declaration of independence -- About farming in Illinois -- Speech at Cincinnati, nominating James G. Blaine for the presidency, June, 1876 -- The past rises before me like a dream -- The Grant banquet -- A tribute to the Rev. Alexander Clark -- A tribute to Ebon C. Ingersoll.

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learned, believed in that frightful production of ignorance, fear, and faith, called witchcraft. They believed that man was the sport and prey of devils. They really thought that the very air was thick with these enemies of man. With few exceptions, this hideous and infamous belief was universal. Under these conditions, progress was almost impossible.

Fear paralyzes the brain. Progress is born of courage. Fear believes--courage doubts. Fear falls upon the earth and prays--courage stands erect and thinks. Fear retreats--courage advances. Fear is barbarism--courage is civilization. Fear believes in witchcraft, in devils and in ghosts. Fear is religion--courage is science.

The facts, upon which this terrible belief rested, were proved over and oyer again in every court of Europe. Thousands confessed themselves guilty--admitted that they had sold themselves to the devil. They gave the particulars of the sale; told what they said and what the devil replied. They confessed this, when they knew that co

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