The Red Symbol

Author: John Ironside
Published: 1909
Language: English
Wordcount: 93,085 / 265 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 65.6
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,491
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One of those once in a while remarkably good stories, with a charming, elusive heroine, with a capital hero, with a perplexing enigma, and with stirring adventures among a secret society of Nihilists, the three elements of romance, mystery, and action are given equal share in the development of a fascinating and complete novel.

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oked up at me, with a charming smile, in which I thought I detected a trace of contrition for her hasty condemnation of me.

"An accident? You are hurt?" she asked impulsively.

"No, it happened to some one else; and it concerns you, Cassavetti," I continued, addressing him, for, as I confessed that I was unhurt, Anne's momentary flash of compunction passed, and her perverse mood reasserted itself. With a slight shrug of her white shoulders she resumed her dinner, and though she must have heard what I told Cassavetti, she betrayed no sign of interest.

In as few words as possible I related the circumstances, suppressing only any mention of the discovery of Anne's portrait in the alien's possession, and our subsequent interview in my rooms. I remembered the man's terror of Cassavetti--or Selinski--as he had called him, and his evident conviction that he was in some way connected with the danger that threatened "the gracious lady," who, alas, seemed determined to be anything but gracious to me


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Linda Otto

Wow! This was a ride. It is action packed. You will definitely keep turning the pages. Enjoy!


While mystery fans should expect a main storyline heavy with romantic adventure, history buffs will get some revolution action and learn that pogroms are Russian inventions. The murder and the puzzle around A.P. is resolved only at the end of this fast-paced and well-written novel.

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