The Clock that Had no Hands

And Nineteen Other Essays About Advertising

Author: Herbert Kaufman
Published: 1908
Language: English
Wordcount: 9,917 / 38 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 63.1
LoC Category: HF
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Genre: Instructional

The clock that had no hands -- The cannon that modernized Japan -- The tailor who paid too much -- The man who retreats before his defeat -- The dollar that can't be spent -- The pass of Thermopylae -- The perambulating showcase -- How Alexander untied the knot -- If it fits you, wear this cap -- You must irrigate your neighborhood -- Cato's follow-up system -- How to write retail advertising copy -- The difference between amusing and convincing -- Some don'ts when you do advertise -- The doctor whose patients hang on -- The horse that drew the load -- The cellar hole and the sewer hole -- The neighborhood of your advertising -- The mistake of the big steak -- The omelette soufflé.

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a business which dies with his death or ceases with his inaction, as it is unfair for him not to provide for the continuance of its income to his family.

The Pass of Thermopylae

Xerxes once led a million soldiers out of Persia in an effort to capture Greece, but his invasion failed utterly, because a Spartan captain had entrenched a hundred men in a narrow mountain pass, which controlled the road into Lacedaemon. The man who was first on the ground had the advantage.

Advertising is full of opportunities for men who are first on the ground.

There are hundreds of advertising passes waiting for some one to occupy them. The first man who realizes that his line will be helped by publicity, has a tremendous opportunity. He can gain an advantage over his competitors that they can never possess. Those who follow him must spend more money to equal his returns. They must not only invest as much, to get

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