In the Forbidden Land

Published: 1898
Language: English
Wordcount: 148,023 / 443 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 55.4
LoC Category: G
Downloads: 1,646
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Mr. Landor's story is one of the most extraordinary tales of modern times, yet even the most sceptical reader will admire the vigour with which it is told, and the endurance with which the explorer and his faithful servants bore up against their savage captors.

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Pp. 249-256

XLVIII Illnesses and remedies--Curious theories about fever--Evil spirits--Blacksmith and dentist--Exorcisms--Surgical operations--Massage and cupping--Incurable illnesses--Deformities--Deafness--Fits and insanity--Melancholia--Suicides Pp. 257-264

XLIX A Tibetan medicine-man--Lumbago, and a startling cure for it--Combustible fuses--Fire and butter--Prayers, agony and distortions--Strange ideas on medicine Pp. 265-267

L Tucker village--Chokdens--Houses--Flying prayers--Soldiers or robbers?--A stampede--Fresh provisions--Disappointment--Treachery--Shokas leave me--Observations--Five men, all counted! Pp. 268-270

LI The start with a further reduced party--A reconnaissance--Natural fortress--Black tents and animals--On the wrong tack--Slings and their use--A visit to a Tibetan camp--Mistaken for brigands--Bargaining and begging Pp. 271-275

LII What the men were like--Their timidity--Leather work--Metal work--Blades and swords--Filigree--Saddles and harness--Pack sa

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