The Cariboo Trail

A Chronicle of the Gold-fields of British Columbia

Author: Agnes C. Laut
Published: 1916
Language: English
Wordcount: 24,939 / 79 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 73.3
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Downloads: 1,439
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A history of the Canadian gold rush that began in 1858.

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will not tell where they get it, nor allow small parties to go up after it. I have seen pieces in their possession weighing two pounds. The Indians above are disposed to be troublesome and went into a camp twenty miles above us and forcibly took provisions and arms from a party of four men and cut two severely with their knives. They came to our camp the same day and insisted that we should trade with them or leave the country. We design to remain here until we can get a hundred men together, when we will move up above the falls and do just what we please without regard to the Indians. We are at present the highest up of any white men on the river, and we must go higher to be satisfied. {13} I don't apprehend any danger from the Indians at present, but there will be hell to pay after a while. There is a pack-trail from Hope, but it cannot be travelled till the snow is off the mountains.

The prices of provisions are as follows: flour thirty-five dollars per hundred-weight, pork a dollar a pound, beans f

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