Lives of Eminent Zoologists, from Aristotle to Linnaeus

with Introductory remarks on the Study of Natural History

Published: 1834
Language: English
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Although the lives of studious men may, generally speaking, present fewer striking incidents than those of warriors, navigators, and politicians, yet the memoirs of naturalists are always extremely interesting, on account of the connexion in which they are necessarily placed with whatever is curious, beautiful, or sublime in creation. Some of them, too, will be found to have occupied a high station in society; others to have forced their way through numberless obstacles, before obtaining the end of their ambition; while a third class are seen perishing in the midst of their career, the victims of indiscretion, or of neglect.

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e University--Attacked by Gout--Sends several of his Pupils to travel in foreign Countries, 243



Enthusiasm excited by the Lectures of Linnæus--Ternstroem dies on his Voyage to China--Hasselquist, after travelling in Egypt, Arabia, and Palestine, dies at Smyrna--Forskal perishes in Arabia; Loefling in South America; Falk in Tartary--Kalm sent to Canada; Rolander to Surinam; Toren to Malabar; Osbeck to China--Sparrmann travels in the Cape, and accompanies Cook on his second Voyage--Thunberg visits Japan, Ceylon, and other Countries--Various parts of Europe visited by Pupils of Linnæus--Remarks on the Accumulation of Facts produced by their Exertions, 251



Publication of the Philosophia Botanica--General Account of that Work--Linnæus engaged in arranging the Collections of the Queen and Count Tessin--The Species Plantarum--Sir J. E. Smith's Remarks

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