Conduct of Sir William Howe

Observations upon the Conduct of S-r W-m He at the White Plains; As Related in The Gazette of December 30, 1776

Author: Israel Mauduit
Published: 1779
Language: English
Wordcount: 4,473 / 20 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 45.9
LoC Categories: CT, DA, E
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Genre: History

s in shoal water, where they had sufficient protection from the shore, which was in the enemy's possession. The General judging it necessary to make a second movement with the troops he conducted, further to the eastward of Frog's Neck, the light infantry, grenadiers and other corps of the first embarkation were again taken into the flat bottomed boats, and landed the 18th on Pell's Neck, separated from Frog's Neck by Hutchinson's River. The rest of the army, which had only that narrow stream to pass, were conveyed over with the artillery and baggage a few hours after, and the second division of the Hessians, that came under convoy of the Diamond the 19th were carried up in the flatboats, and landed the 23d on Myers' Neck, the post of communication with the fleet last established, nearer to New Rochelle.

This position of the army requiring further provision to be made for keeping the intercourse open by water with York Island, the Rose and Senegal were added to the frigates a

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