Winnetou, the Apache Knight

Jack Hildreth among the Indians

Published: 1898
Language: English
Wordcount: 56,743 / 154 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 91.1
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 5,549
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Genres: Western, Audiobook

Translated and abridged by Marion Ames Taggart.

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tracks. Now is the time when the wild mustangs and the buffaloes go southward, and the Indians follow in the chase. The Kiowas are all right, for we arranged with them for the road, but the Apaches and Comanches know nothing of it, and we don't dare let them see us. We have finished our part, and are ready to leave this region; hurry up with yours, and do likewise. Remember there's danger, and good-by."

Sam looked gravely after his retreating form, and pointed to a footprint near the spring where we had paused for parting. "He's quite right to warn us of Indians," he said.

"Do you mean this footprint was made by an Indian?"

"Yes, an Indian's moccasin. How does that make you feel?"

"Not at all."

"You must feel or think something."

"What should I think except that an Indian has been here?"

"Not afraid?"

"Not a bit."

"Oh," cried Sam, "you're living up to your name of Shatterhand; but I tell you that Indians are not so easy to shatter; you don't know


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Average Rating of 3.5 from 2 reviews: ****

Very good book, but not in this translation, I have read a translation with this title and I could see it is heavily abridged, even modified.

Now, there's a lot to say about the "original" even in German. Worth the effort though, for those of us already intoxicated. It's a book that gives your spirit wings, and we all need that.


My first novel to read until finish. Boost my imagination at the very young age.

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