Medica Sacra

or a Commentary on on the Most Remarkable Diseases Mentioned in the Holy Scriptures

Author: Richard Mead
Published: 1755
Language: English
Wordcount: 25,721 / 86 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 46.6
LoC Categories: R, BS
Downloads: 553
Added to site: 2010.02.07 26591
Genres: Religion, Health

ch he met with in the course of his travels) from Dr. Bonomo to Seignor Redi, containing some observations concerning the worms of human bodies;[9] whereby it is intended to prove, that the disease, we call the itch, proceeds merely from the biting of these animalcules: this opinion is espoused by our author in one of his latest performances,[10] wherein therefore he directs only topical applications for the cure of this troublesome disease.

[9] An abstract of part of this letter was inserted in the before-cited number of the philosophical transactions. Vid. supra p. 10.

[10] Monita & præcepta medica, p. 211, &c.

The proofs our young physician had already given of literary merit, recommended him soon after the above-mentioned communication, to a seat among that learned body; in the same year he was also elected one of the physicians of St. Thomas's hospital, and was employed by the surgeons company to read anatomical lectures at their hall, which he continued to do

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