A System of Logic: Ratiocinative and Inductive

7th Edition, Vol. II

Published: 1868
Language: English
Wordcount: 196,768 / 590 pg
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Genre: Philosophy
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ect of Science? 461

2. Of what nature the Social Science must be 463


Of the Chemical, or Experimental, Method in the Social Science.

Sec. 1. Characters of the mode of thinking which deduces political doctrines from specific experience 466

2. In the Social Science experiments are impossible 468

3. --the Method of Difference inapplicable 469

4. --and the Methods of Agreement, and of Concomitant Variations, inconclusive 471

5. The Method of Residues also inconclusive, and presupposes Deduction 472


Of the Geometrical, or Abstract Method.

Sec. 1. Characters of this mode of thinking 476

2. Examples of the Geometrical Method 478

3. The interest-philosophy of the Bentham school 479


Of the Physical, or Concrete Deduc

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