Affair in Araby

The King in Check

Author: Talbot Mundy (William Lancaster Gribbon)
Published: 1934
Language: English
Wordcount: 52,513 / 152 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.4
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 7,792
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James Schuyler Grim, better known as "Jimgrim," is employed by the British secret service and stationed in Jerusalem, matching wits and weapons with the French financed conspirators out to destabilize Syrian King with a forged order to massacre the Jews of Jerusalem.

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elf as inconspicuous as possible until the administrator gets back."

It was good advice, but Grim, standing behind the brigadier, made signals to Jeremy in vain. Few Australians talk peace when there is no peace, and when there's a fight in prospect they like to get it over.

"I remember you," said Jeremy, speaking rather, slowly, and throwing in a little catchy laugh that was like a war-cry heard through a microphone. "You were the Fusileer major they lent to the Jordan Highlanders--fine force that--no advance without security--lost two men, if I remember--snakebite one; the other shot for looting. Am I right? So they've made you a brigadier! Aren't you the staff officer they sent to strafe a regiment of Anzacs for going into action without orders? We chased you to cover! I can see you now running for fear we'd shoot you! Hah!"

Grim took the only course possible in the circumstances. The brigadier's neck was crimson, and Jeremy had to be saved somehow.

"Touch of sun, sir--that and


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I gave this book my best shot, but difficulty understanding the slang and period references made it too difficult to read. This would probably be an exciting story for a reader more familiar with the language and events of the time period.

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