''Old Put'' The Patriot

Published: 1904
Language: English
Wordcount: 43,279 / 133 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 50.3
LoC Category: CT
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Genre: Biography

as rapidly as possible his flocks and herds of live stock. His chief, perhaps his only, assistant in these earlier labors was a negro servant, who figures, though not greatly to his credit, in the narration of an adventure in which his master took part, about two years after his arrival in Connecticut. This, of course, is that famous encounter with the wolf, which has since become part and parcel not only of local tradition, but of American history. As many generations have been familiar with this story as related in story-books and primers, particularly during the early part of the nineteenth century, it will now be told in the language of a contemporary, Colonel David Humphrey, who was an aide-de-camp to General Putnam, and also to General Washington, during the Revolutionary War, and who wrote the first and best biography of our hero, which was published in his lifetime. "The first years on a new farm are not exempt from disasters and disappointments, which can only be remedied by stubborn and patient indu


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I had just finished "His Excellency, George Washington" by Joseph Ellis and "1776" by Davis Mccullough when I got my Kindle 2. I ended up at manybooks.net and the first book I noticed was "Old Put" The Patriot.

"Ole Put" played a prominent role in both the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War, and as David McCullough said, "Old Put was as tough as any man who ever lived."

What I find! I downloaded it immediately and it became the first book I read on the Kindle. I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in early American history, the two wars mentioned above, in the lives of people during that time ... and in particular, of "Ol Put" - a truly admirable and heroic character.

It was a good read.

Robert Jahnke

I had never heard of Ober before I read this book. I now will search to find other novels he has done.
If you like the works of JF Cooper but feel it a bit long winded you may want to try this book. Fast past and interesting and very easy to get caught up in. A real joy to find.

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