The Japanese Spirit

Published: 1905
Language: English
Wordcount: 22,838 / 74 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 43.2
LoC Category: GN
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Genre: Non-fiction

"The Japanese Spirit," by a native Japanese, is a most delightful little book. Modestly the writer tries to express the essence of his people's life and thought to a foreign western people. The book is the outgrowth or the permanent form of lectures on Japan given in the University of London by Mr. Okakura. The preface, by Mr. George Meredith, makes a most tempting stepping stone to the book itself, which is all too brief.The most fitting thing to say of "The Japanese Spirit" is "Read it yourself; the charm of the book and the 'Spirit' will possess you, and you will long for the time when our western world will have shared some part of the noble flavor of Japan."

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lace in racial science. If we do not take into account the inhabitants of the newly annexed island of Formosa, we have, roughly speaking, two very different races in our whole archipelago--the hairy Aino and the ruling Yamato race, the former being the supposed aborigines, physically sturdy and well developed, with their characteristic abundant growth of hair, who are at present to be found only in the Yezo island in the northern extremity of Japan, and whose number, notwithstanding all the care of our government, is fast dwindling, the sum total being not much more than 15,000. The Aino have a tradition that the land had been occupied before them by another race of dwarfish stature called Koropokguru, who are identified by some scholars with those primitive pit-dwellers known in our history as Tuchigumo,[2] whose traces, although scanty, are still to be met with in various parts of Yezo. Anyhow, we see at the first dawn of history the aborigines gradually receding before the conquering Yamato race, who are f

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