Lady Molly of Scotland Yard

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Published: 1912
Language: English
Wordcount: 81,326 / 231 pg
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Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, who out-Sherlocks Sherlock Holmes, is an outstanding example of the superb value of a woman's intuition in the detection of crime. In following out a career full of sensation and thrilling episodes, the authoress takes us through almost every European country, and as a guarantee of verisimilitude, it may be said that the Baroness has been indebted to an ex-official of Scotland Yard for the accuracy of detail which makes her absorbing story. Contains all twelve Lady Molly stories.

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the various witnesses had already told the police, and were now prepared to swear to. The private life of the two sisters Nicholls was gone into at full length, as much, at least, as was publicly known. But you know what village folk are; except when there is a bit of scandal and gossip, they know precious little of one another's inner lives.

The two girls appeared to be very comfortably off. Mary was always smartly dressed; and the baby girl, whom she had placed in Mrs. Williams's charge, had plenty of good and expensive clothes, whilst her keep, 5s. a week, was paid with unfailing regularity. What seemed certain, however, was that they did not get on well together, that Susan violently objected to Mary's association with Mr. Lydgate, and that recently she had spoken to the vicar asking him to try to persuade her sister to go away from Ninescore altogether, so as to break entirely with the past. The Reverend Octavius Ludlow, Vicar of Ninescore, seems thereupon to have had a little talk with Mary on t


Average Rating of 4.3 from 3 reviews: *****
Dai Alanye

The baroness is a sprightly writer, but this detective strikes me as another character inspired by Sherlock Holmes. There are two main problems with it.

First, Lady Molly supposedly depends on woman's intuition, but the clues are often so sparse as to make the solutions appear to depend upon mind reading and similar powers. Second, the attraction of Sherlock Holmes, besides his reasoning powers and scientific approach, is his well-developed eccentric personality. Molly, though continuously described by her adoring "Watson" as beautiful, graceful, attractive to all men, etc, doesn't come fully alive as a character.

Not a bad read, though.

Henry L. Ratliff

Plot bullets

* For about five years Lady Molly was the shining star of detectives at Scotland Yard. Lady Molly has a woman's viewpoint that the male inspectors did not. Her success rate of mysteries solved, elevated her to a position of respect. We learn in the final two chapters, why she began and ended her career.

o A woman is found dead lying face down in a pond.
o The love of a daughter breaks this case.

o An old man dies, and shortly after his priceless ivory miniatures are stolen.
o The finger of guilt points to a son, but Molly does not think he is guilty.

o A man is found dead with a knife in his heart and a piece of tweed in his hand.
o The tweed points to a young man as the murderer.
o This man's father wants Molly to show he is not guilty.
o There are immediate complications, the murder was in Sicily, not England.

o A sister arrives at the castle and things immediately turn bad.
o Her maid is soon murdered and papers stolen.
o These papers proved heirship of her mistress. Is this why she died?

o A young girl is tied up and robbed.
o There seems to have been nothing of value taken.
o Molly thinks all is not as it first appears.

o Molly gets involved in the personal affairs of an elderly woman.
o This woman needs help with her spendthrift son.
o Molly gets more involved than she wishes, but faithfully carries out her pledge to a dying woman.

o Their is a rash of the hideous maiming of cattle.
o A man on watch to prevent another occurrence is killed.
o Are the two things connected?
o The police think they have their man, Molly doesn't.

o There is a question of heirship based on the denial of a marriage engagement.
o Two people have disappeared.
o There has been murder, and a bag of sand is the only clue to say death was not suicide.
o Molly's companion takes the position of cook to help Molly with this year old case.

o A man disappears.
o There were sightings of this man in the inverness cape, but they are of no help.
o Time passes and Molly is brought a new clue. A false clue, maybe, but a new start.
o Time for one of Molly's disguises.

o Murder, a poisoning, in a Tea Room.
o Is there a connection with the lady, in the big hat, who leaves the table early?
o A mystery lady confronts the police and denies anything to do with murder.
o The police think this woman is guilty, but Molly does not.

o Part 1 of 2
o We get some insight into how Lady Molly started at Scotland Yard.
o There is a matter of heir ship.
o There is a murder concerning a new will.
o The man Lady Molly loves is convicted.

o Part 2 of Sir Jeremiah's Will.
o Lady Molly's lover, and secret husband, escapes.
o But, Molly turns him in to the police.
o She has a plan.


Read all the stories not skipping any because they were boring.
Enjoyed it.

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