The Childrens' Story of the War, Volume 2 (of 10)

From the Battle of Mons to the Fall of Antwerp.

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Genre: War

light horseman he has few superiors. Each man wears on his head a white felt cap covered by a haick, or long strip of woollen gauze which hangs flat at the back of the head, covering the neck and shoulders. The haick is attached to the cap by twenty or thirty twisted coils of camel's-hair rope, and a fringe of it is allowed to fall on the forehead to shade the eyes. The body garment, or gandoura, is a gown of white woollen material, bound round the waist with a broad silk sash. Over all is worn a hooded cloak, or burnous, which is usually made of white or fine blue cloth. Red leather top-boots complete the costume. Many of the men are very tall and of a strikingly noble cast of feature. They carry themselves with great dignity, and are very grave and sparing of speech. Their love for their horses has been the subject of many a song and story.

* * * * *

Never before in the history of warfare have so many men, of such widely differing races, creeds, and colours, been ga

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