Peeps Into China

Or: The Missionary's Children

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le who passed beyond the deserts of Central Asia settled in the province of Shen-si, which borders on Tartary, and here laid the foundation of the present monarchy of China.

"Some Chinese historians think that their first mortal Emperor was Fuh-hi, whose date of coming to the throne is fixed as early as 2,852 years B.C. He is described as possessing great virtues, and was called by his subjects the 'Son of heaven'--a title which is still given to Emperors of China, who are foolishly supposed, by some of their subjects, to be of celestial origin. He is said to have taught them how to keep laws and to live peaceably, also to have invented the arts of music and numbers. Certainly the Chinese have understood music from very early ages, and class it among the chief of the sciences.

[Illustration: MUSICIANS.]

"They have at least fifty different kinds of wind and string musical instruments, made of wood, stone, or metal, and they play a great deal, but especially upon their fiddle instruments. T

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