History of the Reign of Philip the Second King of Spain

Volume The Third and Biographical & Critical Miscellanies

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Philip the Champion of the Faith 172

Endowments of the Church 172

Alienations in Mortmain 172

Disputed Prerogatives 173

Appointments to Benefices 173

The Clergy dependent on the Crown 174

The Escorial 174

Motives for its Erection 174

Site selected 175

Convent founded 175

Royal Humility 176

Building commenced 176

Philip's Interest in it 177

His Architectural Taste 177

His Oversight of the Work 177

He governs the World from the Escorial 178

The Edifice endangered by Fire 178

Materials used in its Construction 179

Artists employed 179

Philip's Fondness for Art 180

Completion of the Escorial 180

The Architects 180

Character of the Structure 181

Its Whimsical Design 181

Its Magnitude 181

Interior Decorations 182

Ravages it has undergone 182

Its present Condition 182


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