Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value

Author: Harry Snyder
Published: 1908
Language: English
Wordcount: 79,694 / 268 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 37.7
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It is believed that a better understanding of the subject of nutrition will suggest ways in which foods may be selected and utilized more intelligently, resulting not only in pecuniary saving, but also in greater efficiency of physical and mental effort.

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f Food to Health.



Object of Laboratory Practice; Laboratory Note-book and Suggestions for Laboratory Practice; List of Apparatus Used; Photograph of Apparatus Used; Directions for Weighing; Directions for Measuring; Use of Microscope; Water in Flour; Water in Butter; Ash in Flour; Nitric Acid Test for Nitrogenous Organic Matter; Acidity of Lemons; Influence of Heat on Potato Starch Grains; Influence of Yeast on Starch Grains; Mechanical Composition of Potatoes; Pectose from Apples; Lemon Extract; Vanilla Extract; Testing Olive Oil for Cotton Seed Oil; Testing for Coal Tar Dyes; Determining the Per Cent of Skin in Beans; Extraction of Fat from Peanuts; Microscopic Examination of Milk; Formaldehyde in Cream or Milk; Gelatine in Cream or Milk; Testing for Oleomargarine; Testing for Watering or Skimming of Milk; Boric Acid in Meat; Microscopic Examination of Cereal Starch Grains; Identification


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Greg Homer

Mr. Harry Snyder of Amarillo, Texas founded the 'Human Food' movement in 1912. Snyder's charisma and engaging writing style actually created a significant but very short-lived boom for the 'Human Food' movement.

In short, Snyder advocated using humans as food. He believed human flesh was the perfect fuel for the human body. He further believed...that proper...preparation of....

I can't go on with this. Thank you for publishing my whimsical book reviews these past months. You have a wonderful website. Farewell!

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