Count The Cost

An Address To The People Of Connecticut,On Sundry Political Subjects, And Particularly On The Proposition For A New Constitution.

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this maxim was deemed just during the revolutionary war, and that Americans adhered to it as a fundamental principle.--This principle the writer readily recognizes as a sound and indisputable position in every free government. But what is the meaning of the maxim? Does it intend that every person who is taxed, can of right claim the privilege of giving his suffrage? If so persons convicted of offences, or who are infamous for their vices may vote--for such persons are not outlawed.--On this principle, women of full age and unmarried, are also to be admitted.-- Minors also whose property is taxed, should be permitted to exercise this franchise, at least by guardian or proxy. What then is the true meaning of the maxim, that representation and taxation are inseparable? Here all writers agree--it means that no community should be taxed by the legislature unless that community is, or might have been represented in such legislature.--Hence several towns in this State till lately, were not represented in the General

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