The Last Cruise of the Spitfire

or, Luke Foster's Strange Voyage

Author: Edward Stratemeyer (Arthur M. Winfield)
Published: 1894
Language: English
Wordcount: 47,727 / 139 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 80.4
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 796
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"A good sea-tale for boys is 'The Last Cruise of the Spitfire,' by Edward Stratemeyer. There is plenty of adventure in it, a shipwreck, a cruise on a raft, and other stirring perils of the deep." Detroit (Mich.) Journal.

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Be off with you."

In a moment I was on my way to the post-office, three blocks distant.



As I walked along the street I could not help but ponder over the way I had been treated. My uncle's manner towards me was getting harsher every day. If it kept up in this fashion soon the time would come when human nature could stand it no longer.

And what was I to do then? Several times I had asked myself that question without being able to come to a satisfactory answer. It was easy enough to think of running away and so forth, but this was just the thing I did not wish to do. My uncle was my guardian, and he was bound to support me. To be sure, the support he gave me was merely a nominal one; but I was not versed in law, and was afraid if I went off he might keep my inheritance from me. I did not know how much money my father had left, but what there was I wanted to come to me.

Gus's actions puzzled


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Dai Alanye

A pretty good and exciting story for boys in their early teens. Probably no sophisticated enough for anyone over sixteen.

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