The Story of the Great War, Volume III

The War Begins, Invasion of Belgium, Battle of the Marne

Author: Various Authors
Language: English
Wordcount: 109,141 / 331 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 57.2
LoC Category: U
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Genre: War

Edited by Joaquin Miller, Francis J. Reynolds, Francis Trevelyan, Allen Churchill.

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ually mistaken in doubting the Germans would force a way through an international treaty of Belgian neutrality. Consequently, the German crossing of the frontier discovered Belgium with her mobilization but half complete, mainly on a line for the defense of Brussels and Antwerp. It had been estimated by Brialmont that 75,000 men of all arms were necessary for the defense of Liege on a war footing, probably 35,000 was the total force hastily gathered in the emergency to withstand the German assault on the fortifications. It included the Civic Guard.

General Leman realized, therefore, that, without a supporting field army, it would be impossible for him to hold the German hosts before Liege for more than a few days--a week at most.

But he hoped within such time the French or British would march to his relief. Thus his chief concern was for the forts protecting the railway leading from Namur down the Meuse Valley into Liege--the line of a French or British advance.

On the afternoon of August

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