Amusement: A Force in Christian Training

Published: 1867
Language: English
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Now it is this very faith in the power of gospel truth, as the most effective destroyer of evil, prompting to put the good boldly into the evil to leaven it, which is sorely needed in the moral movements of the age. Bring the subject of amusements to this test. Compare the action of the church upon it, with the principles so evidently regulating Christ's dealing with evil, and see whether it gains by the comparison. Is it not true, rather, that the Christian world has, to a very large extent, acted upon an entirely opposite principle? It has spent much time in peering into amusements to see what evil they contained, and has kept digging away at this, instead of putting Divine grace into them, in simple faith in God, and letting that at once purge and regulate them. It has been so absorbed in ferreting out and declaiming against the evil, as to have forgotten measurably that a corresponding duty lay upon it to develop the good. Overlooking, or at least slighting the great philosophical truth, that am


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I've read only page 2 and the top of page 3. I am astounded to find that this was written in 1866! All my life I went bent under the misconception uncovered here, yet it was an eye-opener to realize that the error comes directly from the so-called St Paul:- " the armour of the faith". Amazing how people will idolize ideas even if mistaken.

Lately I am amazed at the huge world of "alternative religion" outside the strict Calvinism and the Hoch Deutsche concept of the "Misery of Man". Vincent has it to a tee. There is; however; yet another approach alternative to training the Christian. A moral, philosophical issue was turned into a discplinary conundrum. Exactly the opposite to what God wanted.

I'm looking forward to finishing the title.

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