Buck Hawk, Detective

or, The Messenger Boy's Fortune

Published: 1888
Language: English
Wordcount: 28,768 / 82 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 91.9
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 2,544
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Deadwood Dick Library #58

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ory back, and usually got his meals at a restaurant

Although he had been in the company's employ for a long time, he had not yet sown the full measure of his wild outs, and knowing his failing, Turk was not surprised to find him "half the seas over" on reaching his room.

"Hillo! Sultan! jest in time, old feller. Got some prime stomach bitters here," Jones cried, at sight of the boy.

"Much obliged, Billy; I don't drink. You'd be better off if you wouldn't."

"Nonsense, what's the harm of a fellow having a little cheer, after getting out of prison? I believe in work when you work and smile when you play. What fetched you up from Black-cat, Turk?"

"Oh! I came to see you on business, Bill."

"Bah! business be hanged. No more business for me till eight to-morrow morning."

"But I say yes," Turk declared, firmly. "There's a big row goin' to be kicked up, and you're the chap that can stop it. Did you turn in the cash for my errand to-day?"

The question seemed to h


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I enjoyed this book more than any book I have read for awhile. The mystery was not really suspenseful like todays books, but the characters were great. It was like I had these people at my house for a couple of days---now that I have finished the book and they are gone I really miss them. I would recommend this book for just a fun and a little mystery book. Who wouldn't like characters that have a town drunk that has not had a drink of alcohol for 26 years??

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