Ancient and Modern Physics

Published: 1901
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ti, which is in touch with each one of the four globes and a part of it. The same is true of any aggregation of prakriti--of the earth itself and of all things in it, including man. As there are four atoms in each one, so there are four earths, four globes, consubstantial, one for each of the four elements, and in touch with it. One is formed of prakritic atoms--the globe we know; another, of the ether forming their envelopes; another, of the prana envelopes of ether, and a fourth of the manasa around the pranic atom. They are not "skins"; they are consubstantial. And what is true of atoms or globes is true of animals. Each has four "material" bodies, with each body on the corresponding globe --whether of the earth or of the Universe. This is the physical basis of the famous "chain of seven globes" that is such a stumbling-block in Hindu metaphysics. The spirit passes through four to get in and three to get out--seven in all. The Hindu understands without explanation. He understands his physics.


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Well in short, its quite an interesting read. Alot of the facts of the science that was known then, when the book was written, have been updated and ammended. Especially with the introduction of the quantam theory and its dynamics and also advancements in the field of astronomy. Nonetheless with all the advancement of the present day technology, we cant dispute the apparent existence of the four globes(which in my own opinion, might be trying to explain dimensions in space-time and maybe even parallel universes) mentioned with in the book. And it delves deeper into the realms of metaphysics, which ofcourse, some can argue to be purely fictional beliefs. But all in all its quite challenging and intriguing. I recommend you read it for urself to really grasp its amazing concepts.


nice book

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