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Author of the Day Archive

Andrew C Branham - When the Sun Shines Too Brightly

After winning several awards for his memoir, Anything for Amelia, Andrew C Branham decided to try his hand at fiction. Readers were thrilled, as this resulted in Parched, a riveting book set in a dystopian world where nothing is as it seems. As our author of the day, we chat with Branham about why he used a family unit to tell his story, whether or not he works with a plot and how he deals with writer's block.

Carrie Doyle - Writing Delicious Cozy Mysteries

Carrie Doyle's mysteries are extra cozy. She loves keeping her readers guessing, but also appealing to their senses with charming scenes straight from East Hampton, quirky characters and mouthwatering food descriptions. When she is not writing her latest novel, Doyle is sure to be part of one of a myriad of projects, which may include co-writing with another author, doing magazine articles, interviewing celebrities, arranging events or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. As our Author of the Day, Doyle talks about why her books are so yummy, gives us some insights in the character of Antonia Bingham and reveals why East Hampton is her favorite place in the world.

Angela Roquet - A Comedic Take on the Macabre

Angela Roquet loves everything macabre - with a dash of comedy. She is also fascinated by world religions, the afterlife and mythology. This clearly shows in her work, where mythological characters tend to make an appearance, showing off their more mundane sides. Today, Roquet talks to us about what inspired her book, Graveyard Shift, why she has a female reaper in the leading role and how she used to raise eyebrows in public with the types of books she was reading.

Kirsten Fullmer - In Love With Shabby Chic

Kirsten Fullmer is an author who bid farewell to her job in the drafting industry and pursued her dream to write novels while traveling with her husband for his job. When she isn't writing, Fullmer loves tinkering with all kinds of crafts, including scrapbooking, cross stitching, crocheting and sewing. As our author of the day, Fullmer chats with us about how she fell in love with the Shabby Chic style, why she picked a small town as the backdrop for her books and talks about her writing habits.

Deborah Swift - Inspired by an Orchid

When Deborah Swift isn't working on her latest novel, she enjoys exploring the English countryside. It was during one of her nature walks that an "orchid guard" inspired her to write her novel, The Lady's Slipper. As our author of the day, Swift reveals why she was inspired, why she picked the 1660s as a backdrop for her book and what the orchid symbolizes.

Wilkie Martin - Mystery, Small Towns and Unhuman People

Wilkie Martin has figured out the winning recipe to writing hilarious books that keep you mystified till the very end. He simply takes a small, seemingly normal English town, adds an unhuman character or two and a dash of fantasy to create the perfect amount of chaos. As our author of the day, Martin reveals how a TV presenter made up as a Neanderthal inspired his books, what Hobbes has in common with Sherlock Holmes and why all the adventures take place in a Cotswold town.

E.M. Thomas - Fantasy With a Roman Twist

Always fascinated with empires and what makes them tick, E.M. Thomas decided to write his own, Game of Thrones-style epic fantasy, inspired by the Roman Empire. His love for history and visit to Corinth only fueled this fire, making his scenes descriptive and characters very believable. As our author of the day, Thomas talks about the freedom an author gets when writing fantasy, how much research went into The Bulls of War and how he would like to have a chat with Julius Caesar.

Patrick M. Andendall - Using Math To Evaluate Politics

After flying to Cleveland in 2004 to pitch in with the political process, Patrick Andendall became disillusioned with the American Dream. He now strives to get people engaged in fact-based opinions, which is what his book, Stupidparty, is all about. As our author of the day, Adendall talks about how he uses Math to evaluate politics, why he takes on Fox News in his book and what he thinks will happen in the 2016 elections.

Jennifer Foehner Wells - Sci-Fi That Captures The Imagination

When Jennifer Foehner Wells' debut novel took off and reached Amazon’s SciFi bestseller lists within weeks after it was first published, she couldn't believe her eyes. Today, the successful author is supporting her family with her writing, with her only regret being that she didn't start pursuing her dream earlier. As our author of the day, Wells talks to us about Fluency, why she enjoys sci-fi and what she has in common with Jane, her main character in the book.

William G. Davis - Thrillers About Heavy Topics

After serving with the U.S. Marines, William G. Davis has been involved in sales, human resources, advertising and worked in the gaming industry. Right now, he enjoys writing exciting thrillers about heavy topics. The book we are interviewing him on today, The Shooting, is no exception, with a school shooting as the subject matter. Davis answers our questions about his inspiration behind this book, whether he thinks drugs play a role in many school shootings and how these events may affect a community.


Get Free and Discounted Ebooks
Join 150,000+ fellow readers! Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks.

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