The Junior Classics, vol 7

Stories of Courage and Heroism

Author: Anonymous
Language: English
Wordcount: 138,084 / 387 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 66.3
LoC Category: PN
Series: Junior Classics
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The stories in this volume are true stories, and have been arranged in chronological order, an arrangement that will aid the reader to remember the times to which the stories relate. (Edited by William Patten.)

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How Phidias Helped the Image-Maker, by Harraden
The Fight at the Pass of Thermopyle, by Yonge
The Bravery of Regulus, by Yonge
The Rabbi Who Found the Diadem, by Isaacs
How Livia Won the Brooch, by Harraden
Julius Cesar Crossing the Rubicon, by Abbott
Fearless Saint Genevieve, Patron Saint of Paris, by Yonge
The Boy Viking--Olaf II of Norway, by Brooks
The Boy-Heroes of Crecy and Poitiers, by Walden
The Noble Burghers of Calais, by Yonge
The Story of Joan of Arc, the Maid Who Saved France; How Joan the Maid Took Largess from the English; Death of Joan the Maid, by Anonymous
How Catherine Douglas Tried to Save King James of Scotland, by Yonge
The Brave Queen of Hungary, by Yonge
The Story of Christopher Columbus for Little Children, by Harrison
A Sea-Fight in the Time of Queen Bess, by Kingsley
A Brave Scottish Chief, by Anonymous
The Adventure of Grizel Cochrane, by Quiller-Couch
The Sunken Treasure, by Hawthorne
The Lost Exiles of Texas, by Oilman
The Boy Conqueror--Charles XII of Sweden, by Brooks
The True Story of a Kidnapped Boy as Told by Himself, by Williamson
The Prisoner Who Would Not Stay in Prison, by Anonymous
A White Boy Among the Indians, as Told by Himself, by Tanner
Evangeline of Acadia, by Longfellow
Jabez Rockwell's Powder-Horn, by Paine
A Man Who Coveted Washington's Shoes, by Stockton
A Famous Fight Between an English and a French Frigate, by Fitchett
The Trick of an Indian Spy by Quiller-Couch
The Man in the "Auger Hole", by Stockton
The Remarkable Voyage of the Bounty, by Anonymous
The Two Boy Hostages at the Siege of Seringapatam, by Anonymous
The Man Who Spoiled Napoleon's "Destiny", by Fitchett
A Fire-Fighter's Rescue from the Flames, by Quiller-Couch
How Napoleon Rewarded His Men, by Marbot
A Rescue from Shipwreck, by Quiller-Couch
Rebecca the Drum

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