The Curious Book of Birds

Published: 1903
Language: English
Wordcount: 40,412 / 116 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.4
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 1,088
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know, I know! That will do-o-o, that will do-o-o!" cooed the Wood-Pigeon obstinately in her soft, foolish little voice, without paying the least attention to Mother Magpie's directions.

"We all know that--anything more?" chirped the chorus of birds, trying to conceal how anxious they were to know what came next, for the nests were only half finished.

But Mother Magpie was thoroughly disgusted, and refused to go on with the lesson which had been so rudely interrupted by her pupils.

"You are all so wise, friends," she said, "that surely you do not need any help from me. You say you know all about it,--then go on and finish your nests by yourselves. Much luck may you have!" And away she flew to her own cosy nest in the elm tree, where she was soon fast asleep, forgetting all about the matter.

But oh! What a pickle the other birds were in! The lesson was but half finished, and most of them had not the slightest idea what to do next. That is why to this day many of the birds have never learned to buil


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Andrew Ives

I mistakenly downloaded this thinking it was a book on ornithology of some kind, when it is actually an anthology of short stories and legends, similar to Kipling's Just So stories, only about how various birds came to be like they are. As they are from all around the world from different eras, I gave them a try anyway. They are all fairly simplistic and juvenile, but nonetheless reasonably interesting for readers around the age of 8-12. None were especially memorable, but they're short enough not to outstay their welcome.

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