Canada for Gentlemen

Being Letters From James Seton Cockburn.

Published: 1884
Language: English
Wordcount: 24,035 / 70 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 68.3
LoC Categories: G, F
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The difficulty of sending my son's letters to the numerous friends who are interested in seeing them, without wearing out the Manuscript, has induced me to have them printed. It is hoped, also, that they may be useful in giving information regarding some of the difficulties of young emigrants, of which so little is said by the Agencies, though the experience they teach is often more valuable than that of uniform success.

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s who to ask for information about the trains, etc. When we got to Richmond last night, where we had to change for Sherbrooke, a chap told us we should start in about twenty-five minutes; the next man told us that we should not start till two or three in the morning; and while we were endeavouring to arrive at the truth somebody shouted out to know if everybody was "on board" for Sherbrooke, Portland, etc., and he told us they were going to start right away, which they did--in about half-an-hour. Next we took two hours to go the twenty-five miles between Richmond and Sherbrooke, though I will forgive them for that as we were really in a goods' train, to which they had attached a passenger car for our convenience. We eventually got in here about twelve last night. We did not go to the Magog House as Horton recommended, as it was a good long way from the station, and, we were told, might not be open. This place, the Sherbrooke Hotel, is just opposite the station, so being very tired and not wanting any bother w


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These are personal letters printed by the family of the author for the enjoyment of a larger crowd as passing these sincere funny letters around friends and neighbours was quickly destroying them. The book is about 2 brothers who set out from Devon to Canada in August 1884 in search of a job. They soon find themselves in a pickle. If they knew how to farm, which they don't, there's land to be had and they could quickly prosper. Instead the brothers desperately search for any jobs within the environs of Montreal and not finding any. Although the letters end abruptly, I really enjoyed them. Recommended.

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