The Haunted Hotel

A Mystery of Modern Venice

Author: Wilkie Collins
Published: 1878
Language: English
Wordcount: 63,039 / 186 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 76.4
LoC Category: PR
Downloads: 6,379 1794

hope that her good character might not really be deserved, that her noble letter was a skilful piece of hypocrisy--in short, that she secretly hated me, and was cunning enough to hide it. No! the lady had been her friend from her girlhood, was as familiar with her as if they had been sisters--knew her positively to be as good, as innocent, as incapable of hating anybody, as the greatest saint that ever lived. My one last hope, that I had only felt an ordinary forewarning of danger in the presence of an ordinary enemy, was a hope destroyed for ever. There was one more effort I could make, and I made it. I went next to the man whom I am to marry. I implored him to release me from my promise. He refused. I declared I would break my engagement. He showed me letters from his sisters, letters from his brothers, and his dear friends--all entreating him to think again before he made me his wife; all repeating reports of me in Paris, Vienna, and London, which are so many vile lies. "If you refuse to marry me," he said


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Average Rating of 2 from 2 reviews: **

This book may have been a precursor to The Woman in White, as there are similarities. I enjoyed it.

Jim Crainie

This book, by one of my favourite authors, was a HUGE disappointment. The title promises excitement, suspense and adventure but only delivers extreme boredom. The characters are one dimensional with a plot that is almost non-existent. Definitely one to miss for fans of Wilkie Collins.

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