War Rhymes

Author: Abner Cosens (Wayfarer)
Language: English
Wordcount: 19,572 / 66 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 83.3
LoC Category: PN
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Genres: Poetry, War

The outbreak of hostilities, the invasion of Belgium, the Old Land in it and the rush of the British born to enlist, the early indifference of the majority of Canadians, the unemployment and distress of the winter of 1914-15, the heartlessness of Germany, Canada stirred by the valor of her first battalions, recruiting general throughout the country, the slackness of the United States, financial and political profiteering in all countries, smaller European nations playing for position, Italy joining the Allies, the debacle of Russia, the awful casualty lists, the return of disabled soldiers, the ceaseless war work of our women, the United States at last declaring war on Germany, the final line up and defeat of the Hun, and the horror and apparent uselessness of it all; some reflection of all these may be found by the reader in these simple rhymes.

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t make swift runs to cover
When drums begin to roll.

And Jack Canuck's unselfish,
He lets the honors go
All to his British brother,
When war time bugles blow.

And Jack Canuck is modest;
That's why he chooses rears,
And sees the front seats taken
By British volunteers.

Yes, Jack Canuck's a hero
Whose glory never fades;
He'll lick his weight in wild cats
--The day his lodge parades.

And Jack Canuck's free handed
He sends, (Jack's awful wise),
His dumpling dust in ship loads;
(It pays to advertise).

For Jack Canuck is thrifty,
He wants, when peace is made,
To feed the worn out nations,
And capture all the trade.

And Miss Canuck and Mrs.,
They value so the lives
Of husband, son and sweetheart,
These daughters, maids and wives.

They'll let the Belgian mother,
The French and English maid
Give husband, lover, brother,
To stop the Kaiser's raid.

They'll see sweet Highland Mar

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