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Published: 1875
Language: English
Wordcount: 142,702 / 410 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 81.4
LoC Category: PS
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And now she was a baby-mother; playing with her infant as, not so very long since, she had played with her doll; twisting its tiny fingers, and making them close tightly round her own, which were quite as elfin-like, comparatively. For Mrs. Rothesay's surpassing beauty included beautiful hands and feet; a blessing which Nature--often niggardly in her gifts--does not always extend to pretty women, but bestows it on those who have infinitely more reason to be thankful for the boon.

"See, nurse Elspie," said Mrs. Rothesay, laughing in her childish way; "see how fast the little creature holds my finger! Really, I think a baby is a very pretty thing; and it will be so nice to play with until Angus comes home."

Elspie turned round from the corner where she sat sewing, and looked with a half-suppressed sigh at her master's wife, whose delicate English beauty, and quick, ringing English voice, formed such a strong contrast to herself, and were so opposed to her own peculiar prejudices. But


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Olive is born with a slight deformity and she feels that no man could ever love her. It's sad at the beginning of the book because Olive's parents are ashamed of her. It gets better in time when Olive becomes an artist and eventually falls in love. I like this book and think that Olive is an original character. 4-stars.

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