The History and Records of the Elephant Club

Compiled from Authentic Documents Now in Possession of the Zoölogical Society

Author: Q. K. Philander Doesticks (Mortimer Thomson)
Published: 1836
Language: English
Wordcount: 67,038 / 202 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 61.5
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 503
Added to site: 2010.05.08 27643
Genres: Young Readers, Humor

m, aside.

"Myndert Van Dam," suggested the gentleman speaking for himself.

"Yes," resumed Spout, "Myndert Van Dam."

As they shook hands, Mr. Dropper's attention was called in another direction. He desired his companions to notice the fact that a man was approaching with his umbrella, and having bought and lost too many articles of that description, he should not stand unmoved, and see the last one vanish from his sight.


An individual of small stature, apparently about forty-five years of age, with hair of an undeniable, though not an undyeable red approached, holding over his head a silk umbrella.

Mr. Dropper stepped forward and confronted him. He said he was aware that if every man were compelled to account for the possession of that which he claimed as his own, the world would hear some rich developments, in a moral point of view, respecting the tenure of property; and it was precisely for this reason that he had stopped him in the street. He inquired


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A satirical, bizarre romp through NYC with some odd characters. Very amusing!

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