Methods of Authors

Author: Hugo Erichsen
Published: 1894
Language: English
Wordcount: 39,948 / 119 pg
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n, was a typical worker.

A playwright, who had written five hundred lines in three days, taunted Euripides because he had spent as much time upon five lines. "Yes," replied the poet, "but your five hundred lines in three days will be forgotten, while my five will live forever."

It is said of one of Longfellow's poems that it was written in four weeks, but that he spent six months in correcting and cutting it down. Longfellow was a very careful writer. He wrote and rewrote, and laid his work by and later revised it. He often consulted his friends about his productions before they were given to the world. Thus he sent his work out as perfect as great care and a brilliant intellect could make it. The poet's pleasant surroundings must have acted as a stimulus upon his mind. His library was a long room in the northeastern corner of the lower floor in the so-called Craigie House, once the residence of General Washington. It was walled with handsome bookcases, rich in choice works. The poet's usual sea


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Greg B.

This is an interesting little book. The book sheds light on what methods and environs the authors of the 1800's felt made them more productive or successful. But by reading through this work you soon realize that one author's preferences is not shared with other authors. One author liked working in early morning, others liked the night better. Some smoked Cigars and drank wine while others abstained from these.
Greg B.

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