Stan Lynn

A Boy's Adventures in China

Published: 1902
Language: English
Wordcount: 102,518 / 292 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 83.3
LoC Category: PZ
Downloads: 579
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Stan Lynn, just from school in England, gallantly assists his father and uncle, merchant; at Haihai, in defending their warehouse against attack from Chinese pirates. His conduct inspires them with such confidence in him that they send him as assistant manager to their branch collecting house on the Mour River, where experiences even more exciting crowd him thick and fast. The time is presumably during the late Boxer movement, though pirates rather than Boxers figure in the disturbances. Besides the action of the story, which will hold any boy's rapt attention, its insight into Chinese character and custom and its vivid local coloring invest it with timely value in these days when all things Chinese command public interest.

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, child-like beggars!" said Uncle Jeff contemptuously. "How I should like to have the lot trapped by a company of foot, and then see them thoroughly caned like schoolboys! Yes, they are smashing things up pretty well. Bad job, Oliver, for we shall have to furnish the whole office again, and rebuild it, too, with the rest of the place."

"Oh, not so bad as that, Jeff!" said Stanley's father.

"Yes, my lad; you may make up your mind for the worst. Don't you grasp why they are breaking up the things?"

"Fire?" cried Stanley excitedly.

"Right, my lad. They're going to burn us out."

Stanley's father stamped heavily upon the floor in the impotent rage he felt.

"What's to be done, Jeff?" he said. "They'll beat us now."

"Fire for fire, brother Oliver," said Uncle Jeff through his teeth.--"Here, Stan, my lad, don't you begin thinking that your uncle is a bloodthirsty wretch, because all he asks for here is to be let alone to make his living and a bit to spare.--Do you hear

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