Fifty Per Cent Prophet

Published: 1961
Language: English
Wordcount: 8,980 / 33 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 66.9
LoC Category: PS
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That he was a phony Swami was beyond doubt. That he was a genuine prophet, though, seemed ... but then, what's the difference between a dictator and a true prophet? So was he....

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hold of the originals of the letters which had been received by the responsible persons in each of the disasters. All had been sent by the same man; all had been typed on the same machine; all had been mailed in New York.

When the sixth warning had come to the offices of Caribbean Trans-Air, the S.M.M.R., working through the FBI, had persuaded the company's officials to take the regularly scheduled aircraft off the run and substitute another while the regular ship was carefully inspected. But it was the replacement ship that came to pieces in midair.

The anonymous predictor, whoever he was, was a man of no mean ability.

Then letter number seven had been received by the United States Department of Space. It predicted that a meteor would smash into America's Moonbase One, completely destroying it.

Finally, a non-anonymous letter had come to the S.M.M.R. requesting admission to the society, enclosing the proper fee. The letter also said that the writer was interested in literature on


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JoJo Biggins

Ghastly, horrible writing. Skip ths one and save your sanity.

Paulo Respighi

The swami is often a fraud, but just as often he gets flashes of insight and can predict disasters. But not all disasters. Still, it's 1987, there are bases on the moon, and the government's secret department on psychic phenomena is interested in his last anonymous letter predicting the destruction of the moon base.

There are a few too many telepaths in the story. The characterizations are okay, and there's even a woman needed in the plot, but it's much more of a speculative than a science-based story.

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