Young Hilda at the Wars

Author: Arthur Gleason
Published: 1915
Language: English
Wordcount: 31,776 / 96 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 89.5
LoC Categories: D, PN
Downloads: 452
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Young Hilda at the wars -- The ribbons that stuck in his coat -- Rollo, the Apollo -- The piano of Peroyse -- War -- The chevalier -- The American -- The war baby.

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who hurried them to an officer at the telephone in the west front, who spoke them to a battery one mile away.

They took the poplar-lined drive-way that leads to the crossroads. They turned east, and made for Caeskerke. And now Smith let out his engine, for it is not wise to delay along a road that is in clear sight and range of active guns. At Caeskerke station, they halted for reports on the situation in Dixmude.

There, they saw their good friend, Dr. van der Helde, in the little group behind the wooden building of the station.

"I have just come from Dixmude," he said; "it is under a fairly heavy fire. The Hospital of St. Jean is up by the trenches. I have thirty poor old people there, who were left in the town when the bombardment started. They have been under shell fire for four days, and their nerves are gone. They are paralyzed with fright, and cannot walk. I brought them to the hospital from the cellars where they were hiding. I have come back here to try to get cars to take them t

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