Evolution of the Japanese, Social and Psychic

Published: 1905
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The present work is an attempt to interpret the characteristics of modern Japan in the light of social science. It also seeks to throw some light on the vexed question as to the real character of so-called race-nature, and the processes by which that nature is transformed. If the principles of social science here set forth are correct, they apply as well to China and India as to Japan, and thus will bear directly on the entire problem of Occidental and Oriental social intercourse and mutual influence.

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isionariness--Impractical idealism--Illustrations--An evangelist--A principal--Visionariness in Christian work--Visionariness in national ambition--Imagination and optimism--Mr. Lowell's opinion criticised--Fancy and imagination--Caricature--Imagination and imitation--Sociological interpretation of visionariness--And of prosaic matter-of-factness--Communalism and the higher mental powers--Suppression of the constructive imagination--Racial intellectual characteristics are social rather than inherent, 233


Loyalty and filial piety as moral ideals--Quotations from an ancient moralist, Muro Kyuso--On the heavenly origin of moral teaching--On self-control--Knowledge comes through obedience--On the impurity of ancient literature--On the ideal of the samurai in relation to trade--Old Japan combined statute and ethical law--"The testament of Iyeyasu"--Ohashi's condemnation of Western learning for its impiety--Japanese moral ideals were communal--Truthfulness undeveloped--Relations of

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