Who Cares?

A Story of Adolescence

Author: Cosmo Hamilton
Language: English
Wordcount: 92,649 / 250 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 71.3
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 399
mnybks.net#: 3192
Origin: gutenberg.org
Genre: Romance

A story of surpassing human interest and movement.
"It is true to life and pervaded with the charm of youth... It holds the reader with a masterful grip from first to last."--New York Tribune.

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however, did she resign from all activity and remain contented to sit with her hands in her lap and prepare herself for the next world. This one still held a certain amount of joy, and she concentrated all the vitality that remained with her to the perfect running of her house. At eleven o'clock every morning the tap of her stick on the polished floors was the signal of her arrival, and if every man and woman of the menage was not actively at work, she knew the reason why. Her tongue was still as sharp as the blade of a razor, and for sloppiness she had no mercy. Careless maids trembled before her tirades, and strong men shook in their shoes under her biting phrases. At seventy, with her snowy hair, little face that had gone into as many lines as a dried pippin, bent, fragile body and tiny hands twisted by rheumatism, she looked like one of the old women in a Grimm's fairy tale who frightened children and scared animals and turned giants into cowards.

She drew up in front of the frustrated girl, stretc


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Quaint, charming, but still relevant today. The social commentary by Hamilton is right on. Very good, old man!

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