A Sister's Love

A Novel

Author: W. Heimburg (Bertha Behren)
Language: English
Wordcount: 94,852 / 264 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 77.7
LoC Category: PT
Downloads: 880
Added to site: 2010.10.01
mnybks.net#: 29135
Origin: gutenberg.org

This novel may be recommended to those who desire a book to steady the nerves, like a mild narcotic. Here is nothing disquieting, but everything as it should be. and in its proper place. Maria is good and self-sacrificing; Knaus is just dull enough to give her occasion for the exercise of her virtues by falling in love with Susanna, who is just hateful enough to serve her as a foil; and there is a keen and experienced old aunt, who serves, all by herself, the purposes of a Greek chorus, and tells the reader what he is to think of the others and their doings.

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t her belt, and took up the reins of housekeeping with an energy and circumspection that aroused the admiration of all, and especially of the old aunt, who was particularly struck by it, since she herself was a tender, weak type of woman, to whom such energy in one of her own sex could but seem incomprehensible.

Anna Maria spun on quietly as all these thoughts succeeded each other behind the wrinkled brow of her companion. She could sit and spin thus whole evenings, without saying a word; she was quite different from other girls! She did not allow a bird or a flower in her room, nor did she ever wear a flower or a ribbon as an ornament. And yet one could scarcely imagine a more high-bred appearance than hers. Whether she were walking, in her house dress, through kitchen and cellar, or receiving guests in the drawing-room, as happened two or three times a year, she lost nothing in comparison with other ladies and girls; on the contrary, she had a certain superiority to them, and Aunt Rosamond would some

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