All for a Scrap of Paper

A Romance of the Present War

Author: Joseph Hocking
Published: 1918
Language: English
Wordcount: 79,498 / 225 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 89.8
LoC Category: PS
Downloads: 1,913
Added to site: 2008.04.24 20655

frump, and because I love hunting and dancing, that I don't admire cleverness."

"It's not that at all, Nancy. I know you admire clever people. What I meant was," and he stammered painfully, "that--that it's--a matter of indifference to you whether I, personally, am dull or clever."

"What reason have you for saying that?"

"Hundreds," replied Bob. "That is--you see, you are always laughing at my desire to be 'a fusty bookworm,' as you call it, and--and, well, all that sort of thing."

"Does that prove indifference?" she replied, and Bob thought he noted a tremor in her voice.

"You know it does," he went on, hating himself for talking in such a fashion, and yet unable to control his words. "Only yesterday, when we were talking together at tea, and some one said that I should die an old bachelor, you said that I was far more likely to die an old maid. Then, although you saw you wounded me, you went off with Captain Trevanion."

"Hadn't you, just before, refused to stay the


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This book was really interesting and surprised me (in a good way). Unlike a lot of war books, it wasn't all that violent and it wasn't slow paced, either. The only problem I had was that I couldn't really relate to the main character, Bob. He just seemed to be full of himself and not a nice person.


This is one of the few books that have been added to my favorites. It has a good story that keeps you captured from beginning to end. No vulgar language, etc.

It is mainly about a young man named Bob Nancarrow and WW1, I think. The story takes place in England, 1914. Bob, a Quaker, refuses to go to war against Germany, because he would "...basically be a paid murderer." With all his friends mocking him, and his girlfriend threatening to leave, Bob has a hard time deciding whether he should go or not.

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