All Day September

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Published: 1959
Language: English
Wordcount: 6,624 / 26 pg
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease: 86.4
LoC Category: PS
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Some men just haven't got good sense. They just can't seem to learn the most fundamental things. Like when there's no use trying--when it's time to give up because it's hopeless....

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t's from here to Earth, of course. There's no profit I could make by cutting rates the other way."

"Why not?" asked McIlroy. He knew the answer, but he liked to listen to the slightly Welsh voice of Jones.

"Near cost it is now at a dollar forty. But what sense is there in charging the same rate to go either way when it takes about a seventh of the fuel to get from here to Earth as it does to get from there to here?"

"What good would it do to charge fifty cents a pound?" asked McIlroy.

"The nickel, man, the tons of nickel worth a dollar and a half on Earth, and not worth mining here; the low-grade ores of uranium and vanadium, they need these things on Earth, but they can't get them as long as it isn't worth the carrying of them. And then, of course, there's the water we haven't got. We could afford to bring more water for more people, and set up more distilling plants if we had the money from the nickel.

"Even though I say it who shouldn't, two-eighty a quart is too much to


Average Rating of 3.3 from 4 reviews: ****
Dai Alanye

Very nice hard SF short. Intriguing situation, interesting characters, and with a bit of science knowledge you can guess the outcome.

Henry L. Ratliff

(1959) Sci-fi (Commercialized Moon) / Short story (Magazine)

R: * * *

From 'Astounding Science Fiction' June 1959.
Plot bullets

  • A prospector sets out on the Moon, looking for one mineral and finds an even more valuable treasure.

  • It's not gold or diamonds. This is just what the Moon's commercial endeavors need.

  • Moon time and Earth time are measured differently. Moon time is measured, a month at a time.

  • A fortune can be made and the Moon's future secured, all on one Moon day, All Day September.

Paulo Respighi

A lunar prospector transporting ore from a mine to the spaceport has his tractor disabled 300 miles from the port. He doesn't have enough air or food to hike to safety, and once the lunar night falls, it'll be weeks before a search party can look for him.

A fairly absorbing story. I did figure out the solution to his predicament before he did, but then I'm smarter than he is. Some of the details of moonlife were well thought out.


A tough Welch lunar prospector suffers a meteor strike to his tractor, putting his life in jepoardy since he is way out in the lunar boonies. He sure isn't going to give up though, and his scramble for survival uncovers a useful and lucrative lunar secret. Ok read, not great. Correctly guess what lunar colonists need most on the moon and you can skip the story.

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